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I blend in so you can stand out!

Hi there, I'm Jessica- AKA "The Chameleon VA".

I help Business Owners & Entrepreneurs improve their Marketing Strategy to Gain New Leads and Grow Their Business with Purpose & Value.

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Are you a Business Owner or Entrepreneur looking to build your brand and grow your sales?

Are you struggling to find clients or not sure where to start with marketing?

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Thank you for considering The Chameleon VA for your professional needs.

When you choose to work with me, you are not only supporting a fellow business owner but a mother with BIG goals!

I strive to not only succeed as a female entrepreneur, but to also set an example for my children proving that with hard work and dedication, they will be able to achieve their goals too!

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A few companies that I've partnered with
Astro Sheet Metal Logo

Astro Sheet Metal Co., Inc.

Grand Prairie, TX

Demand Staff Inc. Logo

Demand Staff Inc.

Brownwood, TX

Freedom to See Success LLC Logo

Freedom to See Success LLC


Miss Assist Logo

Miss Assist, LLC

Watertown, MA

Kuku Bees Creations Logo

Events Planner & Decorator

Montgomery Village, MD

Kumba Brewah - 240.460.6655

Rustic Pineapple Boutique Logo

Rustic Pineapple Boutique

San Diego, CA


WolfPack Writing Services Logo

WolfPack Writing Services


LKJ Studio Logo

LKJ Studio


Be. By Kate.

Be. By Kate.

New York

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