Written by Jessica

Published January 11, 2022

Connect with your audience to boost your sales
The #1 Marketing Tip is...

Connect with your audience!

Showing up consistently & with intention is an important part of your social media strategy for sure, but that doesn’t mean you just create your social posts for the month, schedule them, and move on…

Being successful with selling on social media takes more than a few branded social media posts or stories, it requires you to put in that time and effort to truly connect with your audience.

That’s right, I’m talking about engagement!

Here are a few ways to easily engage with your followers:

Send personalized messages to people when they interact with your posts or stories.

Add questions or call-to-action statements to your post descriptions that encourage interaction & show you value their perspective.

View their profiles to see what’s going on in their world & like, share, comment if it’s something that resonates with you!

You never know - Maybe these brief interactions will lead you to a 1:1 consultation or a referral somewhere down the line. Either way, commit to spending a little time conversating & connecting with your followers.


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