Who is The Chameleon V A?
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Jessica Paxton - About Me

I am the owner of The Chameleon VA, a Virtual Agency that focuses primarily on coaching other Business Owners & Entrepreneurs on how to market their brand in a way that positions themselves as the expert in their industry or field, while capturing their ideal client’s attention in a way that resonates with them and inspires action. I truly believe that by building authentic relationships, the more opportunities you have to learn, sell, & grow in life and in your business.

I have worked with Celebrity Coaches, International Bestselling Authors, Keynote Speakers, as well as Mompreneurs and Family-Owned Businesses in a variety of industries.

My motto “I blend in so YOU can stand out” truly emphasizes my goal to not only provide the tools you need to create a powerful brand, but also to support both your personal and professional goals.

My Inspiration

This is my beautiful daughter, Sophia-AKA "The Mini"! She is full of energy, love, and determination. She has big goals for her career (she's 8 years old I might add). When I first launched my business, she saw me on my laptop and decided that she would have her own business as well. She talks about her logo design and how her clients love her work. I have seen some of her rough drafts, and although I am a bit biased, I can pretty much guarantee the final result will be amazing!! (I hope you like pink, glitter, and unicorns...because that's her specialty.)

Picture of Jessica's Daughter
Sonogram Picture of Jessica's Son

This is the newest addition to our family, Maverick! Right now he's learning about the importance of growth (which will be a valuable lesson that he later comes to understand)!

Lesson #1: It doesn't all just happen overnight - It takes time to get to be where you need (and want) to be!

Lesson #2: It's ok to start small as long as you simply start... Remember, small steps can lead to BIG opportunities!

Miscellaneous Family Pictures
Picture of Jessica and her daughter
A Picture of Jessica's Dog named Joplin
Jessica's husband and Jessica holding a sonogram picture of their son Maverick


My desire is to have a work-life balance while achieving my personal and professional goals. When you choose to work with me, you are helping me achieve those goals, so THANK YOU!

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