Written by Jessica

Published January 24, 2020

Use Fear to Drive Your Business Forward
Do Not Fear the Fear, But Instead Embrace It!

Fear - This word is important to recognize.

When first launching your business, I’m sure this feeling snuck up on you a time or two.

Maybe it still does even after becoming a seasoned Business Owner .

  • Will I succeed? Will I fail?

  • Am I good enough?

  • Is my product/service good enough?

  • What’s going to happen?

  • What will my friends and family think?

<insert long list of OMG’s and frantic thoughts here>

Fear has a funny way of showing up just when you think there’s nothing to be afraid of...BUT....hear me out! Fear DOES NOT have to be just a negative thing. It can be POSITIVE... it can be MOTIVATIONAL...it can be the thing that drives you to succeed - Just change the way you respond to it!

Will I fail?

I’ll never know if I don’t try!

Will my product/service be good enough?

I know my worth and others will see that too!

What’s going to happen?

I can’t predict the future, but I can work hard to achieve my goals!

What will my friends and family think?

They will love and support me regardless of personal opinion!

USE THAT FEAR to prove that you are more than capable of being a successful Entrepreneur or Business Owner! (Your business will thank you for it!)


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