Written by Jessica

Published September 16, 2021

Make Money with Your Website
Is Your Website or Sales Funnel Serving You?

What do I mean by that exactly? It's simple...is it set up to make you $$$?!

You see marketing your business, whether it's your website, your social media pages, or the emails you put together to send out to your contact lists, they all have one major thing in common - it needs to speak to who you are trying to sell to!

So when you're putting together your written copy on your home page, choosing the order of your menu tabs, and coming up with the design, ask yourself "who am I trying to reach and what matters most to them?!"

Let me ask you this... Have you ever visited a website where in a matter of seconds you closed out of the page. Why did you do that? Was there too much content on the page that it made you feel overwhelmed? Were you confused by what that person or business did even though they claimed to spell it out for you on the home page? Did you feel that what they could offer you would fix whatever problem you were looking to solve? I'm going to go ahead and answer no to that one since you clicked off the page…

Now, with that example in mind, ask yourself "What would that website need to look like to get you to not close out of it? What's going to cause me to take action (like booking a free consultation, opting into the newsletter, or making a purchase)?"

So many things come into play when it comes to marketing yourself - Brand Awareness, Copywriting, Design, etc. How are you going to connect with your ideal audience? How does that connection convert into sales for your business? Those are the questions that you need to keep in mind and answer as if you were your ideal client when creating your website or sales funnel.


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